HIIT workout

When you search for things on google like, “Best Ways To Lose Weight Fast” or “Get Fit In 1 Week”, you’ll never fail to come across the acronym called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Why exactly are fitness buffs raving so highly about it and why can’t your perpetual salad munching colleague stop talking about how it’s the best way to get ripped?

  1. It’s Gruelling, but hey, “no pain, no gain”

If you’ve seen the chiseled body of athletes who constantly engage in HIIT training, such as sprinters and gymnast, you should know that such a body does not come easy. You should also know that engaging in HIIT is grueling but the rewards that follow will be life-changing.

  1. HIIT can be done anywhere, anytime

With little to no training equipment needed, the beauty of HIIT is that it can be done anywhere at anytime. In fact, a study published on the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine showed that HIIT is more time efficient as compared to steady-state exercises which require more than double the time of what HIIT can achieve.

  1. Afterburn Effect 

Here’s another popular term you might come across, the afterburn effect. HIIT brings about the afterburn effect which simply means that your body will burn fat even when it’s resting during post-workout. Because your muscles will be low on glycogen after HIIT, whatever you eat will be used to replace the glycogen instead of being stored as fat.

  1. Joining A HIIT Class Regularly Brings About More Benefits

With anything difficult and grueling, motivation and encouragement will go a long way in your HIIT journey. And that is why joining a HIIT class will help you see the differences faster. Joining a class such as a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout at Fitness First Singapore is a fast way to be introduced to the workouts because you’re getting first-hand instructions from a HIIT expert!

Noone has said that the journey through weight-loss is going to be easy, but since it’s going to be hard anyway, why not do HIIT and get the best results in the quickest way!

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