Having a perfect skin looks impossible when you were not blessed in the genetics department and you don’t have a healthy lifestyle. Genes can affect many aspects of your skin including your youthfulness. However, genes are not everything. You can actually look younger and more beautiful by having the right facial care.
Why is it important to care for the face? Here are the explanations why your routine can save your skin when your genes can’t:

  1. Good facial careprevents the risks of many skin conditions that could come up in the future. The top skin problems among women are acne, age spots, and scars. These things can be easily solved with the right kind of treatment. For instance, you can clear up your acne by using a product that contains ingredients that can tone the epidermis. One of the remedies to an acne-prone and sensitive skin is essential oil. Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil can be used at night after cleansing and toning.
    2. When you take care of your skin, it gives out a healthy glow. Taking care of the skin is not just to have the looks to be proud of. It is also to be healthy. Remember, you only have one skin as long as you live and keeping that healthy is a major responsibility. The way your skin looks says a lot about your current health. Sores and rashes look unhealthy at all.
    3. It promotes skin cell regeneration. Your skin grows and changes as you do. But skin only regenerates when you have the proper skin care. A good facial careinvolves the necessary steps in the right order. When you use makeup, it should begin by makeup-removing. It should be followed by cleansing, then exfoliating, and applying treatment products if you have any. The treatment must be followed by a hydrating mist before you apply your moisturizer. If you use an eye cream, it should be applied after you put on your moisturizer.
    4. It helps get rid of harmful toxins. There are a lot of irritants in our environment. One big example is the hot weather. If you live in a region where heat and humidity are all-year-round, you could sweat a lot. Although sweat is not to blame for acne, it can increase the buildup of bacteria on your face. When you regularly wash and exfoliate, the oil will not build up in the dead skin cell layers.
    5. A good facial care is beneficial for removing impurities. There are so many causes of skin impurities.  One of this is our changing hormone levels. For some women, hormonal changes can worsen acne. Prevent this from happening by using your acne treatment appropriately. When you have clogged pores and blackhead, it would help to exfoliate your skin using a natural cleanser at least once a week.

The most important thing to consider in caring for the skin is finding the right products. Choose ones that match your skin type to prevent skin problems from aggravating. Have a good facial care regularly and not just when the acne or any problem comes up.